How I wish articles that I provide here were readily available when I tried to oversee the construction of my house. I would have avoided some details that went more costly than I expected.

Hi, Allen here. I was a former accounting student of a state university in my city. Yeah my life almost dealt with numbers everyday until I found another interesting and practical knowledge about construction or home building. I did a lot of research and whenever I had to ask, it has been a practice for me to document it. Hence, the birth of this blog. I would also try to gather info and content from some colleagues of my age who are really into action.

I’m a father of 2 now and I guess I can say that learning all aspects of running a home is truly a knowledge for keeps. Surely, I’m gonna pass it over to my children as I also intend to keep this blog running forever, well, at least until I stop maneuvering my laptop keyboard. Cheers!