The Customer & Equipment Distributor

The majority of equipment acquisitions can be classified into one of four categories: Rent, Lease, Rent-to-Own or Buy.

Purchase vs. Rental

Compact tool carriers are usually 36 in. wide at their smallest and are the perfect tools for contractors and landscapers who work in tight spaces and need to fit through backyard gates and small openings

Trenchers vs. Tool Carriers

There are compact tool carriers that are proud of their ability to perform a variety of functions, and conversely, there are those machines that focus primarily on one thing and one thing only — like trenching.

Tires vs. Tracks

Acquiring new equipment, like a compact tool carrier, can be filled with choices. When deciding on a new piece of equipment, be sure to consider the amount of initial investment, the variety of applications the machine will be required to complete and the typical working conditions in which the machine will be operating.

Operational Adaptability

Over the past two years, many companies have had to change to remain competitive. Often the change was geographic or in type of work — for example, from private to federal projects. 

Visionary Attachments

Sometimes even superheroes need a multifunctional utility belt, equipped with all the right tools to conquer villainous problems on big projects.