John Deere Opening Tractor History Museum in Waterloo, Iowa

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June 16th, 2010

The pervasive John Deere brand is becoming more expansive with the opening of a tourist attraction in Waterloo, Iowa, focused on the history of tractor and engine design and manufacturing.

Construction on the John Deere Waterloo Tractor and Engine History Museum will begin in late 2010 with opening of the facility scheduled for late 2011. The museum will be an addition to John Deere attractions in Iowa, Illinois and Germany as well as visitor centers at John Deere factories around the world.

"The public is interested in learning more about the company's past, present and future," said Bill Becker, director, global brand management. "This new museum will complement other John Deere-branded properties by amplifying the tractor and engine history of the company and enabling visitors to explore the development and capabilities of these products more in-depth."

The tractor and engine museum will include artifacts and interactive exhibits to celebrate the rich history and dynamic growth of the tractor business at John Deere, which today is the world's leading provider of agricultural equipment.

Deere currently operates a historic site in Grand Detour, Illinois, where John Deere started his business in 1837. In addition, Deere offers the John Deere Pavilion and John Deere Store in Moline; the John Deere Harvester Works visitors' center in East Moline, Illinois; the John Deere Forum in Mannheim, Germany; and visitor centers in other John Deere's facilities.

"The John Deere Waterloo Works is already a popular place for visitors to travel for plant tours, Becker said. "We believe this new museum will be a welcome addition for all John Deere enthusiasts."

Dave Rodger, general manager, John Deere Waterloo Works, said, "The museum will celebrate not only the history of John Deere's tractor and engine business but also the invaluable contribution of employees, customers, and the Cedar Valley. Tractors and engines are an important part of John Deere's 173-year history and Deere is looking forward to sharing our story of quality and innovation."

The John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum will be located on Westfield Avenue on the original site of the Waterloo Tractor Works. Financial details of the development were not disclosed.

Waterloo Boy photos courtesy of the John Deere Archive

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